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Are you minimizing your investment management fees to generate the best returns? Is your mortgage interest tax-deductible? Are you leveraging your mortgage and investments to help you save on taxes?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, then Kevin Bell and his team can help. Our proven financial strategies have helped our clients save thousands to ten of thousands yearly on interest, investment management fees, and taxes.


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Reduce management fees, improve performance, and increase long term wealth.

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Make your mortgage interest tax deductible with smart borrowing strategies.

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Reduce your tax burden with an in-depth evaluation of your finances.

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About Kevin Bell.

Scout Mortgage Corporation is an innovative mortgage brokerage focused on helping real estate investors, homeowners, first time buyers, and our referral partners get the best rates and terms on residential mortgages, in additional to strategies to use their mortgage(s) to reduce their taxes.

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As an investment advisor with Portfolio Strategies, Kevin and his team offer clients a comprehensive solution for mortgages and investments. His holistic approach to financial planning helps clients identify opportunities to save money on mortgages, reduce investment fees, and lower their taxes.

Optimize your financial planning and tax savings.

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Find out how much you could be saving with lower investment management fees.

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