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Types of Mortgages
Getting the best mortgage rate in Canada now depends on the type of mortgage. With the recent regulatory changes in the Canadian mortgage market, there are now 3 types of mortgages. Insured ...
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Down payment FAQ
FAQ: Down Payments How much money do I need for a down payment? · The down payment is the portion of the purchase price that is paid by you and is due on your closing date. · In Canada,...
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Interest Only Mortgage
Recently some lenders have started to offer interest only mortgages in Canada. Many clients can benefit from lower monthly payments and the increased financial flexibility of using an interest only...
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Switch and Save!
Chances are if you got a variable rate mortgage from a big five Canadian Bank in the last couple of years you were offered a discount of 0.20% to 0.50% from Prime. Since Prime is currently 3.45%...
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