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Interest Only Mortgage
Recently some lenders have started to offer interest only mortgages in Canada. Many clients can benefit from lower monthly payments and the increased financial flexibility of using an interest only...
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Switch and Save!
Chances are if you got a variable rate mortgage from a big five Canadian Bank in the last couple of years you were offered a discount of 0.20% to 0.50% from Prime. Since Prime is currently 3.45%...
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Tax Deductible Mortgage
With interest rates continuing higher over the foreseeable future, it is a great time to make a plan to move your mortgage interest from debt that is not tax deductible to something that is tax...
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Have you ever wondered why the banks have such ridiculous posted mortgage rates?
The Interest Rate Differential (IRD), is a prepayment penalty, levied by lenders if you pay off your fixed rate mortgage before it matures or if you pay off principal, beyond the amount allowed by...
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