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Small Business Owner Programs

At the Mortgage Group, we believe that business owners are the back bone of the economy. Many lenders make it difficult for business owners to get mortgages since they do not seem to understand that business will use deductions to keep income as low as possible, or use corporations to accumulate retained earnings.

If you are a business owner in need of financing, know that I have exclusive programs that allow my clients to borrow (1) up to almost twice the limit allowed by banks based on reported income, and if you need to borrow more we can approve mortgages (2) based on net worth.
Program details

Max mortgage $1M and Loan to Value cannot exceed 65%

Must be in business for minimum of 2 years

If the TDS (Total Debt Service Ratio) is over 70% the borrower can qualify based on net worth. Net worth would need to be 2X loan amount. (note bank TDS are capped at 44%)

Need 2 years NOA’s and 2 years Corporate Financial Statements (or T1 Generals for Sole Proprietors) with application.

Let me know if I can help.


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