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My focus is on providing comprehensive wealth management – including debt management, portfolio management, and tax planning – to give my clients the best chance of financial success.

A sound financial plan begins with your goals as well as any significant constraints (risk tolerance, time horizon, taxes, etc.) and should be reviewed at regular intervals.  In my experience, Canadians don’t plan to fail they fail to plan.  Most people don’t have written goals and have no idea if they are saving enough for retirement – what does that tell you about where you are currently getting your financial advice?

A personalized financial plan will be based on balanced asset allocation, built on reasonable expectation of risk and return, and using diversification to avoid unnecessary risk.  Most investors are best served by allocation to investments in broad markets including real estate, global equity, and global fixed income.

My client portfolios are built using low cost Vanguard ETF’s for 3 reasons –

  • By decreasing investment expenses our clients reduce risk.
  • Vanguard ETF’s are run for the benefit of investors and profits are returned to investors by lower costs (unlike most investment funds which are run for profit at the expense of investors)
  • The lower your investment costs the greater your share on an investment return. Research has repeatedly shown the low-cost investments outperform higher cost alternatives.

In Canada, taxes are generally the single biggest expense for my client and its possible to reduce taxes by allocating investments strategically amount taxable and tax advantages accounts and using appropriate tax minimization strategies and a proactive approach to tax planning.

By looking at each client individually, I help reduce taxes and lower investment fees, in order to achieve their financial goals.

Kevin Bell, CFA