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Why do we need so many documents?

My team and I work diligently to ensure every client receive the attention and care needed to exceed their expectations, at better rates and terms than our competitors.

Every day, we are focused on running the most efficient mortgage practice in Canada.  To us, this means (1) guaranteeing our clients the best rates, (2) eliminating unnecessary paperwork and (3) having quick response times with our lending partners and clients.

High efficiency ratios (mortgage applications to mortgages funded) are critical to running a mortgage business, and equally important to our lending partners and clients.  By maintaining high efficiency ratios, we receive the best rates and fastest turnaround times as an “elite”, “platinum”, and “status” level mortgage broker with Canada’s top mortgage lenders.

By having the documentation needed ‘up front’ we ensure your mortgage is sent to the best lender for your unique needs.  In addition we maintain high efficiency ratios, we reduce back and forth with lenders and clients, and avoid mistakes, assumptions, and misunderstandings.

Mortgages are a highly regulated industry in Canada.  Lenders increasingly need to comply with changing regulation, anti money laundering requirements, and internal policies. The information we request is essential to getting a mortgage in Canada in 2019 (we don’t request unnecessary information for fun 😉

We invest in tools that can make the documentation process easier, including Floify our encrypted document management portal.  In addition, with your authorization, we can get T4’s and NOA’s (Notices of Assessment) directly from Revenue Canada.

A mortgage is a financial tool that can be used to lower your overall cost of home ownership, lower your interest cost, consolidate debts, and reduce your income taxes.  It is only by having your financial documentation that we can ensure that you will be getting the best mortgage – including paying the lowest interest, avoiding any penalties or fees, and reducing your taxes as much as possible.

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