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Why the Kevin Bell mortgage team?

TMG The Mortgage Group has helped over 250,000 Canadians get the right mortgage to suit their financial needs since 1990.  Kevin Bell and TMG have built a strong reputation for integrity and professionalism within the mortgage industry.

We do everything we can to save our clients time and money in the mortgage process, we promise –

  • As our client, you are guaranteed the best rate and term for your mortgage.
  • No fees! There are never any fees for arranging your mortgage.
  • I teach our clients to make mortgage interest tax deductible and identify opportunities to save taxes and across a range of financial services, including investments.
  • We also let our clients know when they have opportunities to refinance and save money throughout the term of their mortgage.
  • In order to save us both time we provide clear documentation requirements from the outset and we can order T4’s and NOA’s directly on your behalf from Canada Revenue Agency.

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Kevin Bell, CFA